About our service

The RentBoard of Canada allows property owners and managers to create, manage and post rental ads on the RentBoard in order to fill their vacancies in a cost effective manner. Every ad you create may contain a full description of your property, features list, multiple contact points, unlimited photos and videos. Referrals from renters are saved in your account and may be received via telephone, email and text messages. The system will track how many times your ad has been viewed as well as the number of referrals you receive. Advertising time purchased is only used when you post an ad. For example, if you purchase 30 advertising days and post your ad, and then remove your ad after 10 days, the system will credit back 20 days to your account which you may then use to post future vacancies.


About our company

RentBoard Canada, Inc. is a federally incorporated Canadian company that owns and operates the RentBoard Canada website. RentBoard Canada has been operating in the online rental market space since June of 1998. The company is a Better Business Bureau member, and has held an A+ rating (the highest possible) since joining in June of 1999. The company's goal is to allow any property owner and manager in Canada to advertise and fill their vacancies in an efficient, cost effective manner. Renters may sign-up and search for free and may also receive "Vacancy Alerts" via e-mail whenever new rental listings are posted on the board.



We offer "standard", "bulk" and "membership" packages (or rates). The package to use depends on the number of units a property owner or manager needs to advertise. Details regarding all of our ad rates are available here.